How to override Git config options by command line parameters?

I want to override certain Git config options (in my case http.proxy) when calling a Git command directly by using command line parameters. Is this possible?

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    Yes, you can pass it with -c, like:

    git -c http.proxy=someproxy clone

    Note that there is a new feature regarding the ability to override (with the command git -c) a config:

    You couldn’t set a config to an empty string (git -c http.proxy= or any other, that is until git 2.1.2 (Sept 30th, 2014), and commit a789ca7 Junio C Hamano (gitster)

    config: teach “git -c” to recognize an empty string

    In a config file, you can do:


    to turn the “” boolean flag on, and you can do:


    to set “” to the empty string.
    However, git’s “-c” parameter treats both:

    git -c


    git -c

    as the boolean flag, and there is no way to set a variable to the empty string.
    This patch enables the latter form to do that.

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