How to open the project from GitHub in Android studio? Troubles with Maven and android support libraries.

I’m starting to use Android Studio. I’d like to open project from GitHub

On first screen I click ‘Check out from Version Control’, ‘GitHub’, select place on disk.
After cloning I have a question ‘You have checked out an Android Studio project file… Would you like to open it?’, I agree.
Than I agree to auto-import for Maven project.
Than I find the project ‘Examples’, try to build it and get ‘No resource found that matches the given name Theme:AppCompat’, and import does not work.

What to do to make the example app? Requirement is to save the project structure for using ‘git status’ and ‘git diff’ commands.

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    The project is not a Gradle Project, so it is not compatible with Android Studio yet.

    I recommend to check out from Github inside Eclipse and export as a ‘Gradle Project’.

    Then, proceed to import that project into Android Studio.

    There are several SO questions on this topic, but @MartinRevert’s answer ( is the only one I found mentioning Android Studio’s (AS’s) Gradle dependency. If the Github project was built with Eclipse, importing it to AS will work but the result will not be buildable with AS (indication: the project’s “Make project” icon is grayed out in AS).

    Building on Martin’s answer, and using IntelliJ’s Migrating From Eclipse Projects page as a reference, I found a simple and transparent way to import an Eclipse-based Github project into AS 2.1.2:

    1. Import the Github project using AS:
      File->New->Project from Version Control->Github
      This clones the Github project, but if it is not a Gradle Project (see above), follow these additional steps:
    2. Create a new project using:
      File->New->Import Project and click on the folder you stored the project to in step (1) above. Accept all of the defaults and AS will “import” the Eclipse project to a Gradle project which it will now be able to build.
    3. You may now delete (using a native directory removal tool) the project you created in (1) above.

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