How to open all modified files with git?

How to open all deleted, modified, and created files since the last git commit, I tried using git status first, but it was difficult to parse, so I found git status --porcelain was easier to parse and with awk + vim + some bash magic it was easy to do.

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    So, I found the solution with vim:

    vim $(git status --porcelain | awk '{print $2}')

    And I post this question + answer just to answer it myself and share it to the internet

    git ls-files --modified --deleted --others -z | xargs -0 vim

    In order for this to work when im in a sub folder of the git repo i just use the -s option to git status. Vim option -O opens the files in vertical split.

    vim -O $(git status -s | awk '{print $2}')

    From this blog, you can edit ~/.gitconfig and add this line:

      edit = !$EDITOR $(git status --short | awk '$1 ~ /^M|A|U/ {print $2}' )

    Now, git edit will open all modified files

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