How to not delete untracked files from git when pulling

My friend and I are working on a git repository. Actually i made a mistake by setting all files on stage before adding .gitignore file, and i pushed all on github, my friend have clonned the project as well.

Now to solve the problem, i have manually untracked those files with git rm --cached <files> , and i did a seconde push, to get those files removed from github.

But the problem here is when my friend try to get my last update on github, the pull command deletes all those files that i have untracked from his local repository.

Is there a way to tell git to not delete those files that i have untracked, when my friend try to pull the latest version of the project ?

The only solution that i have in mind for now, is to tell my friend to manually untrack those files, just like i did.

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