How to move (unpushed) commits from one branch to the other

I was on branch-x and made few changes and committed them (but did not push). Although the commits were correct, they should not have been made in branch-x but instead in branch-y. How can I take the commits from branch-x and apply them to branch-y. I want to avoid pushing the committed changes from branch-x.

Below is what I did in commands.

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  • (branch-x)$: git status
    (branch-x)$: git add .
    (branch-x)$: git commit -m "some commit"
    <oops, I should have made these changes in branch-y>
    (branch-x)$: git checkout -b branch-y
    (branch-y)$: <how can I take the commit from branch-x and apply it here?>

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    Since you already created the branch you want via git checkout -b branch-y, and this new branch has the commit you want, then the only remaining problem is an extra rogue commit on the tip of branch-x. Since you did not publish branch-x yet, you should be safe in rewriting that history. Do this:

    git checkout branch-x    # switch back to branch-x
    git reset --hard HEAD~1  # nuke the rogue commit on the tip of this branch

    One possible solution is to use git cherry-pick. Suppose we have the commit graph like this.


    Now you want CDE to be on branch-y.

    git checkout branch-y
    git cherry-pick C D E


    git cherry-pick C^..E

    and we get


    Another possible solution is to use git rebase.

    git rebase --onto branch_y C^ E
    git branch -d branch_y
    git checkout -b branch_y
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