How to most efficiently tie a git build version number, to an apk version with eclipse?

I use eclipse to build an android app, and git running locally for version control. Currently I have a value in strings.xml that represents the version number. If i change that number, the very next thing I do is a code commit in git using the same version number in the comment, so that I can tie a specific build to the matching code that generates it. Very manual process.

Larsks comment helped in pointing me in a direction of defining things better. I think what I want is some type of git hook. Something where, if I change a particular version variable, it will automatically add a corresponding tag. Or, if I issue a tag of a specific format “v3.1.4”, it will update the version number in code.

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  • I think prior to reading about hooks, I was hoping for something where I could put “ReplaceWithVersion”, or some other special code, and on commit git would know automatically to replace that with the current tag/version.

    Am I hoping for too much? Is there a feasible way to get that the versions/tags in sync?

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    This sounds like the precut use for git tags. After you update strings.xml and commit the change, tag the commit with the version number:

    git tag 3.14.15

    You can then use this tag in other git commands to refer to this specific commit. For example, too see any change you’ve made since a release:

    git diff 3.14.15
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