How to merge code and resolve conflicts more easily using git?

There is a great option --patch which can be used with git add.

Using this option I can easily review all my changes and decide which chunks should be added to staging area. This interactive process can be made through all modified files.

I am looking for something similar for resolving conflicts. After rebase or merge you will often get list of both modified files.

Is there any command which:

1) will help me iterate through all this both modified files? This is very annoying when I have to copy every path to file to manually open it.

2) will resolve all conflicts automagically always using HEAD/main version?

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    You should have a look to the git mergetool that should be of help resolving conflicts through command line.

    Try p4merge. You can easily configure it to work with mergetool and interactively choose which version do you prefer.

    After years of searching, I finally found solution to my problem! It is not perfect, and for sure this is not resolving all my problems, but definitely this speeds up my work!

    It is called git imerge (incremental merge).

    At first, this is a little overwhelming and seems complicated, but the idea standing behind incremental merge is very simple.

    For sure, you should take a look on git-imerge presentation from the GitMerge 2013 conference (20 min).

    If you prefer read text, here is git-imerge: A Practical Introduction

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