how to make windows remember my passphrase key?

I’m new to using git. Each time I want to push my file to github, it’s always show me notification to enter my passphrase. Ex: Enter passphrase for key ‘/c/Users/.ssh/id_rsa’:

I want my git remember the passphrase for me. How should I possibly do that on windows 7?
I’ve already read the help page here It seems only available for Mac / Linux.

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  • Thanks for helping.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “how to make windows remember my passphrase key?”

    I believe if you use msysgit then you can install (or maybe it comes already installed) openssh.

    With openssh you can use the command line program ssh-add to add you key once and remember it:

    ssh-add /c/Users/.ssh/id_rsa

    One of these questions surely contains valid answers:
    How to push with git to github on Windows?

    How do I store a password for my key so I can commit and pull from repository when using git on windows?

    Or you could use putty like they do in this answer

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