how to make emacs + egg (git) work with remote files (accessed via ssh)

I have emacs + egg working correctly when accessing repos/dirs/files that are in my local system.

Also, opening and editing files via ssh works fine, e.g.

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    but then when executing egg-status, I get…

    Opening input file: no such file or directory, /HEAD

    Note that if I open a shell and ssh into the remote system, all git commands work correctly.

    Thanks for any help to get this to work.

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    I agree with Alex’s answer that you should use the more advanced and awesome magit package.

    The longer story about why egg doesn’t work the way you want is this: The way egg is written it cannot operate on remote files with TRAMP because egg.el uses the call-process function, whereas magit uses start-file-process which is supported as described in the Remote Processes section of the TRAMP manual:

    5.4 Integration with other Emacs packages.
    tramp supports running processes on a remote host. This allows to
    exploit Emacs packages without modification for remote file names.
    process-file and start-file-process work on the remote host when the
    variable default-directory is remote:
         (let ((default-directory "/"))
           (start-file-process "grep" (get-buffer-create "*grep*")
                               "/bin/sh" "-c" "grep -e tramp *"))

    The magit package works fine with remote files (just re-checked :-). And I think, that it most advanced between all Emacs/Git packages.

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