How to make Egit remember password and username?

I’m working onn a project in Eclipse hosted on Github. Everytime I want to push, a dialog pops up asking for username and password. Anybody know how to save these so I don’t have to keep typing them in everytime? I’m using Egit in Eclipse 4.2.1

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    Struggled with this for awhile to.

    1) Go to the Git Perspective -> Expand your Project -> Expand Remotes -> Expand the remote you want to save your password.

    2) Right-click on the Fetch or Push -> Select Change Credentials…

    3) Enter username and password -> Select Ok

    This is the workaround I’ve found to work. It’s a bit manual for each Git project, but it works ^_^.

    You could use ssh url for your repo, and add your ssh public and private key to EGit.

    Or you can activate a credential helper, in order to git to record your credentials.

    That bug (for https URI) can be linked to the (still opened in 2014) bug 355442:

    On every push, egit will ask for password for a secure store.
    The problem is, I never check the option to store the repository username and password in the push dialog.

    (Meaning if you forget to enter the credentials, it won’t ask you again for it)

    Reproducible: Always

    Steps to Reproduce:

    1. Push to upstream with the “store username and password in secure store” option unchecked.
    2. push again.

    Getting prompted constantly is pretty annoying but what is more annoying is that I have to uncheck the checkbox every time it shows up.
    If the password is to be stored in the secure storage then the dialog will never prompt again. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the checkbox to be unchecked by default?

    So a workaround is to Remote>Fetch, using a “Custom URI” (as Antoine mentioned before), in order to enter again the URI, and enter your credentials there, selecting “Store in Secure Store”.
    Subsequent push should work fine, since they are using the same URI you just entered.

    This is caused by an authorization failure.
    Sometimes old passwords get cached by Secure Storage.

    You can try:

    • Window->Preferences->Security->Secure Storage.
    • Clear the cache. You should be good to go.
    • If not, delete the GIT passwords in Secure Storage->Contents.

    In git prefs, you can also:

    • Turn off the annoying commit confirmation modals.
    • Auto-sign your commits (avoids having to enter messages on every

    Amazing how much more fluid eGit workflow is with these minor tweaks.

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