How to make automatic pull request with Sourcetree NOT in master branch?

I just wondering is there an option in SourceTree to change the default branch of automatic pull requests.

SourceTree pull request

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    If you are using SourceTree & github the answer seems to be no 🙁 Yes ! see the last part of my answer !

    The documentation of attlasian says that you can do that in BitBucket if the admin has allowed that option

    If you are pulling a request across branches, you can have the option
    to close the branch when your request is merged. Whether you have this
    option depends on whether the repository is Git or Mercurial.
    Mercurial repositories always have this option. Git repositories have
    this option if the repo administrator allows it; Otherwise, the option
    is greyed out.

    In other hand if you are working with github you can do that manually.

    Merge pull request to a different branch than default, in Github


    Looking deep i found that when you create your PullRequest in github you can select which will be your branch used as “base”
    enter image description here

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