How to login Gerrit as Administrator

I installed my gerrit on Ubuntu server.

As gerrit said:The first people who logined gerrit is Administrator.

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  • So I logined first with openID (google account),and I am the Administrator indeed.

    But,when next day I relogin gerrit with my google account, I become a new register. The id is 100001(Administrator ‘s id is 100000),but both email are google’s email,and are same.

    What happened?

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “How to login Gerrit as Administrator”

    The easiest way is to temporarily disable authenticated logins.

    Edit your [auth] statement in gerrit.config to look like this:

    type = development_become_any_account

    And then force login as the admin, grant yourself access and then restore the [auth] config.

    Keep in mind that anyone with access to your server during this time will also be able to be any account, so setup a firewall or something to narrow access down to just your workstation while you complete the above steps.

    gerrit automatically assign first login as administrator, and treat your google account as another id.

    You can either

    1. login with openid and add google account id into administrator group as well
    2. manual change the database system_config for your google account.


    Hope it gives hints.

    I faced a similar issue and found Shawn Pearce’s reply on the mailing list to be useful:


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