How to locally test a pull request from gitlab?

In order to review/test a github pull request, one could use this command:

git fetch remote pull/ID/head:branch_to_use_locally

Here, remote is a project on github. More details in github FAQ.

What is the corresponding command when one uses gitlab?

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    It is quite similar. The little differences exist because in GitLab merge requests are used instead of pull requests from GitHub. This consists in creating a branch away from master and merging into it later.

    To test a Merge Request all you need to do is to fetch and checkout the branch sent for merge:

    git fetch <repo> <branch>
    git checkout -b <branch>

    Also there is a button in every merge request with the instructions to checkout the diffs locally:
    enter image description here

    First pull merge request to a new branch

    git fetch REMOTE merge-requests/MERGE_REQUEST_ID/head:BRANCH_NAME

    Real example would be like: git fetch origin merge-requests/1/head:add_some_feature

    Then check it out

    git checkout BRANCH_NAME

    In above example would be like: git checkout add_some_feature

    Now check the new branch.

    Important point: BRANCH_NAME is the source branch of merge request. it isn’t the target branch.

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