How to list all clean files in a git repository?

Basically I am searching for the git equivalent to hg status -c:

-c –clean show only files without changes

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  • Calling git status lists by default all ‘dirty’ files (i.e. files with changes) and untracked ones – which is fine.

    But sometimes I need to display the complement – all (tracked) files without changes.

    How do I accomplish this with git?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How to list all clean files in a git repository?”

    this should do the trick:

    $ git ls-files -m  > /dev/shm/exclude && git ls-files | grep -v -x -f /dev/shm/exclude

    Remember to delete the temporary file afterwards!

    $ git ls-files -t | grep '^H'

    The man page states that -t is deprecated – but I didn’t find a better way. The alternatives the man page mentions does not seem to be sufficient for this problem.

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