How to index and search subversion repository

I have access to a very large code base stored in a subversion repository. I would like to be able to perform Google type searched on the code base. I have done this before when I have access to the server by creating a network share and using Google desktop.

I currently do not have access to this subversion server box.

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    Some more info

    • The code base is company wide and large
    • Don’t want to download the entire code base for the entire business on my laptop
    • My goal understand what code is available inside the company
    • The code changes often

      Wondering if there are any tool that can search remote svn repositories?

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    FishEye is a pretty well-known tool in this space.

    I have also seen people use a search engine indexers (e.g. Lucene) to crawl the repo. Set this up with a post-commit hook to trigger a re-index when the content changes.

    As long as the repo can be accessed via http, it can be crawled by most web content indexers. The only problem is that it will only index the HEAD, not older revs. For that, you need an indexing tool that understands the revision structure (that’s where FishEye comes in).

    You could try Supose. It is a subversion indexing and query application in Java. Best of it all, is that it indexes not only the trunk or current snapshots but all revisions.

    Here’s the repo search plugin for trac:

    It seems there are some tools, but they do not seem very mature yet. One I have found some time ago is VoilaSVN – search is only a part of it, and its installation does not seem to be ot very straightforward.

    Why not just check it out to a local drive and use Google Desktop?

    I use krugle. They have a free VMWare image (Basic). It’s a bitch to download and setup (it’s big, and the admin interface is a bit clunky), but once set up, searching and seeing activity is pretty good.

    How about using Trac. It has a decent GUI and is open source.

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