How to include a git submodule into a project?

So I have a git repository for a few related Java classes with a folder structure similar to this:


Now, I’m creating an Android app in Eclipse with the traditional folder structure like:

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    Now, I’d like to add the java classes to my android project in the folder:


    However, if I add it as a git submodule, they are saved to the path:


    Also, included is the, and some other files I don’t want in the Android project.

    What is the best way to resolve this? Should I just leave the path as com/mysite/mylib/src/ Or should I modify the repo and move the files from mylib/src up into mylib and delete the files I don’t want?

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    The simplest way would be to:

    • keep your original (non-Android) repo separate
    • add that original repo ‘src‘ folder as a source folder of your Android Eclipse project (an Eclipse project can defined several src folders, from various origin)

    That will sidestep the “submodule” issue entirely, and allow you to select from your original project only the files you need for your Eclipse Android project.

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