How to ignore all files, but not sub-folders

I don’t want to push any files, but only all the folders in git.

I have tried the following in my .gitignore file, but it is not working:

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  • # Ignore everything in this directory
    # Except for directories

    My folder structure is,


    I need all the sub folders to go and neither files inside this “uploads” folder nor files in any other subfolders.

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    Git does only track files. If you ignore all of them git has nothing to track. A possible solution is to add a .gitignore to each directory. You can create all the subfolders, add a .gitignore to each of them.


    This will then ignore all the files, but your gitignore files in the new directories.

    You are almost there:


    There was just one / too much.
    With this you can ignore all files but not the (non-empty) directories.

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