How to grep search in modified files of working directory which are not yet been staged(indexed)?

It seems git grep doesn’t have any option to search only in working directory modified files prior to indexing those files. is there any native git command for this purpose or should I use a combo git/linux commands?

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    by using linux grep and git ls-files:

    $ grep -s "search pattern" $(git ls-files -m)

    note 1: grep’s -s option is provided for Suppress error messages about nonexistent or unreadable files because git ls-files -m lists deleted files too which causes grep give "No such file or directory" error when encounters a nonexistent file.

    note 2: git ls-files’ -m option is for listing only modified files(which also lists removed files too!)

    git grep is modelled on plain grep, perhaps you should just use that.

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