How to go back to the results of :Gblame after selecting a particular commit?

From the README of the fugitive plugin for vim:

:Gblame brings up an interactive vertical split with git blame output.
Press enter on a line to edit the commit where the line changed, or o
to open it in a split.

Is it possible to go back to the blame output once I pressed enter on a particular commit?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to go back to the results of :Gblame after selecting a particular commit?”

    I think what you may be looking for is -

    Edit: What you actually want are O and o instead of <CR> if you know you will be going back to the commit.

    Here are all the flags for the :Gblame command:

    :Gblame [flags] 
     Run git-blame on the file and open the results in a
     scroll bound vertical split. You can give any of
     ltfnsewMC as flags and they will be passed along to
     git-blame. The following maps, which work on the
     cursor line commit where sensible, are provided:
         g? show this help
         A resize to end of author column
         C resize to end of commit column
         D resize to end of date/time column
         q close blame and return to blamed window
         gq q, then |:Gedit| to return to work tree version
         <CR> q, then open commit
         o open commit in horizontal split
         O open commit in new tab
         - reblame at commit
         ~ reblame at [count]th first grandparent
         P reblame at [count]th parent (like HEAD^[count])

    For more information about the commands for Fugitive, look here.

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