How to get the “committer” info that Git will use

Reading the doc, I see that I could predict what Git will use as “committer” by combining git config and git config along with $GIT_COMMITTER_NAME and $GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL. But when I write the code which does that, I end up with the feeling that I’m rewriting a chunk of code that’s already in Git and I’d much rather reuse Git’s own code for that.

So, just like I prefer to use git rev-parse --git-dir rather than to look for a .git and/or check for $GIT_DIR, I’d like to use a command like git show-me-the --committer to get the usual NAME <EMAIL> string. Yet I haven’t been able to find this in the manual(s).

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    You can use the git var command:


    This can be run outside of any Git worktree, prints the committer info in the format name <email> timestamp timezone, and uses the same Git code that also gets run when committing, so respects the configuration keys and environment variables. Depending on what you want to do with this info, you may need to filter out the timestamp and timezone.

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