How to get out of subversion source control in visual studio?

I have a solution that is source controlled with Subversion and AnkhSVN in Visual Studio 2008, but I would like to remove source control from it, how do I do that?

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    SVN, as opposed to the dreaded VSS, does not clutter your project files with its “bindings”: it keeps all its system information in .svn or _svn subfolders inside every version-controlled directory. Thus, “removing” version control from a project effectively means deleting all these folders.

    This is tedious, however, so SVN has a special command called svn export which either “exports a clean directory tree from the repository specified by URL” or “exports a clean directory tree from the working copy “.

    As far as I know, AnkhSVN stores bindings in the project and solution files (also cached in solution user options file **.suo*).

    I think that you can remove these bindings by going to File | Source control | Change Source Control (or in the dedicated AnkhSVN toolbar). In that dialog there should be a command to Disconnect the projects.

    Remove .svn folders and your source tree will not be versioned anymore.

    If you want to remove the Subversion control of a file/folder, but want to leave it where it currently is, you can use the ‘Delete (keep local)’ option on TortoiseSVN. To see this option you must hold down shift when you right-click the file/folder, then it will appear in the context menu.

    1. Delete SVN folder with a hidden attributes from your file system
    2. open VS solution file in text editor & remove a reference to subversion “…Managed by Subversion…”
      works fine for me..
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