How to get GitHub Clone stats?

There used to be a “Clones” sub-tab in the “Stats & Graphs” tab of GitHub (for example but that is gone.

Is there another way to get these stats?

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    At least regarding clone, you now (August, 12th 2014) have a dedicated graph.

    See “Clone Graphs”

    Our traffic graphs tab shows you a lot of information about who’s visiting your repository on the web.
    We’ve added a new graph to this tab, showing git clone activity. clones traffic graph

    You can use it to find out:

    • how many times your repository’s source code is actually cloned in a given day, as well as
    • how many unique GitHub users (or anonymous IP addresses) did the cloning.

    For more information on traffic graphs, check out the documentation.

    Note you also see the Referring sites and Unique visitors

    Quick update on this:
    Google now offers a direct API call which can be used inside the README file on github to gather statistics directly to Google analytics. If you have an existing Google Analytics account, you need to upgrade it to a universal account. This is a quick button press on your admin page. Without upgrading the new api will not work – we spent a while figuring this one out. More info here:

    Here is our new call to the google universal stats API:

 is no longer needed and explains why the site is up but no longer functioning. We found this out the hard way as Githalytics went down the end of January and we did not notice until late Feb, so we lost about a months worth of site visits stats.

    At the moment (oct 2012) the answer is, No it’s not possible.

    Its super easy now!

    Updated path: “REPO -> GRAPHS -> TRAFFIC”

    enter image description here

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