How to generate a log entry on master when creating and deleting a dev branch?

I’m trying to close an Audit and C&A gap in our processes. Our master is stable, and the typical workflow for feature development is (1) create dev branch, (2) develop on dev branch, (3) merge dev branch into master, (4) delete dev branch.

The logging we are trying to achieve on Master for the lifecycle is for the events:

  1. Create dev branch
  2. Merge dev branch into Master
  3. Delete dev branch

We have Event 2 already. When we merge a dev branch into master, we use --squash to ensure the logs on dev during development do not pollute master. For example, we don’t want Master to have “Fix memory bug” when Master never suffered it.

How do I generate a log entry on master when creating a dev branch (Event 1) and deleting a dev branch (Event 3)?

Or, should I back up and ask, is a dev branch the proper tool for feature development?

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