How to fix error “Please set env variable CHROME_BIN” when running Angular.js with grunt

I am trying to do unit tests with AngularJS. I already have bower and grunt installed, so I should be able to do the tests. However, when I run “grunt test” from the terminal (Git Bash in my case), I get the error “Please set env variable CHROME_BIN.” According to this StackOverflow question, I should change karma.conf.js and karma-e2e.conf.js, but I can’t change them because other people on the project will have issues.

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    You need to set CHROME_BIN as a new environmental variable. Set the value to the path to chrome.exe. This value is usually: C:/Program Files (x86)/Google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe

    Here are the docs that describe how to configure each type of OS.

    For Windows/Chrome, per the cmd box, this would be (by default)

    C:\SET CHROME_BIN=C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

    The browser binary path varies by OS.

    Changing the path to the Chrome binary:

    $ export CHROME_BIN=/usr/local/bin/my-chrome-build

    Changing the path to the Chrome Canary binary:

    $ export CHROME_CANARY_BIN=/usr/local/bin/my-chrome-build

    Changing the path to the PhantomJs binary:

    $ export PHANTOMJS_BIN=$HOME/local/bin/phantomjs
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