How to enable command line for Git

I’ve just started with Git, and I can’t figure out how to enable command line for Git. I see many posts suggesting the use of msysgit to enable the Git command line, and I also see many other tools that can work around it. But currently I just get the Git client tools for Windows from GitHub. Then I can use the git command in my windows command console. I don’t know if it includes the msysgit in it.

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    The git client tools will include msysgit. You might need to add the git bin directory into your path for ssh to work correctly with cmd (and powershell)

    Also, I would highly recommend “posh git” which is a powershell module that gives you some tab completion and a git prompt in powershell, if you are a windows person, its likely you are more comfortable scripting in PS than in bash, and posh git is great for that.

    find instructions here on how to install it.

    Note on Windows usage: you should use Git with the provided msysGit
    shell (Unix style), it allows to use the complex lines of command
    given in this book. If you need, for some reason, to use the native
    Windows shell / command line console, you have to use double quotes
    instead of simple quotes (for parameters with spaces in them) and you
    must quote the parameters ending with the circumflex accent (^) if
    they are last on the line, as it is a continuation symbol in Windows.

    Are you using the msygit shell?

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