How to download the project using the git-svn-id?

The question might seem too simple or might be irrelevant here. But i need some help immediately.

I got the git-sv-id of the library required in this link

I do not know how to download such files. When i tried the svn checkout option in an empty folder it did not work

I need the files of that project. Anyone with some basic info kindly help.

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    That is actually a git clone so you should follow the instructions as given on The git-svn-id references that you see in the commit messages suggest that the git repo itself is initialized from a svn repo, and correspond to each of the commits in that svn repo.

    enter image description here

    The svn repository is located at the following URL: – the following command should get you the latest trunk revision of that repository:

    svn checkout vncj-trunk
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