How to do Git Log see only merges to master branch?

In my work process I need to provide a list of files to my server admin.
The list comes from the merge of my working branch (Branch A) into Master branch.

So I merge branch A into branch Master and then deploy Master.

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  • Right now the best I could do with git log is the following but this list contains other commit as well ( not only the merge I’m looking for ):
    git log -m --name-only --author=[NAME]

    So basically I need to retrieve the files list for the merge of Branch A into Master Branch

    Is it possible with cli command ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to do Git Log see only merges to master branch?”

    Narrow it down using git log --merges --author to figure out the commit you want and then try

    git diff --name-only ${MERGE_SHA}^1..${MERGE_SHA}
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