How to do bundle install using specific rvm gemset from git hook post-receive?

So, I’m trying to implement a heroku-like deployment without using capistrano.
To check and install gems I’m trying to use git hook and put the following commands in /hooks/post-receive:

bundle check || bundle install

But when I run git push I get:

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  • remote: hooks/post-receive: line 20: bundle: command not found. 

    I understand that a hook probably launches commands from the wrong environment and somehow I have to switch rvm environment from hook. I tried to use rvm use 1.8.7@rails3 in post-receive but it didn’t help. Any ideas?

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    You might just have to make sure you source the user’s environment at the top of the hook, for example:

    $ source $HOME/.bash_profile # single user RVM setup
    $ source /etc/profile        # multi user RVM setup

    Maybe this gist will help you!

    Kudos to the gist owner!

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