How to delete one folder / directory using BFG repo cleaner?

How do I delete only one directory using BFG?

The help says:

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    Which seems to mean that --delete-folders "config" will match all folders named config, anywhere in the repository.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to delete one folder / directory using BFG repo cleaner?”

    I found the answer here: remove files from specific path

    The author of BFG says it can’t be done, unless you use a special command to dump all blobs for a given directory to a text file, and then use –strip-blobs-with-ids and provide that text file.

    This doesn’t work for me. I run the command:

    git log --format=%H -- cms/assets/ | xargs -IcommitId git rev-parse commitId:cms/assets/

    I get a list of 8 blob ids. I put those in text file, then I exec bfg -bi ~/tmp/blob-ids, and BFG exits saying: BFG aborting: No refs to update - no dirty commits found??

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