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  • How do you deal with configuration files in source control?

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    I’m not sure what you mean by “don’t really want to have them moving the .ignore file all that much”, but you should stick with the advice you originally found and put files that shouldn’t be added in the ignore file as intended. That’s what it’s there for and there’s no harm at all in filling it with files that not everyone will have.

    Some other tools you can employ are:

    • commit a template for the config file (for example config.sample) and have your build script do a copy from config.sample to the ignored config if (and only if) it doesn’t already exist
    • enhance your configuration system to include overlays. For example config.local, which is ignored, overrides settings loaded from config.shared which is tracked.
    • enhance your configuration system to allow for includes. For example a line like %include ~/settings which people can put their own config into

    All of those, however, presuppose you’re ignoring a config file which varies by user, because that’s what you should do. 🙂

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