How to create a repository with ssh:// access on a server

I have a small machine running Debian and can access it via ssh -l user host. Now I created a git repository in a folder on that machine.

The thing that I can not figure out is: What do I have to do, that git would let me access that repository in the way git push ssh:// +master

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  • Or in other words: what means ssh://, and how do I set up access to a repository using that protocol?

    Thank you for your help/hints!

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    I’ve been through this whole problem before. I ended up settling on gitolite to manage git & ssh. It’s very easy to install (if you use the package method) and it makes maintaining repositories easy.

    See this Pro Git.
    In particular, see Chapter 4, “Git on the server”.

    It’s quite easy to setup =)

    Lot’s of people use gitosis for this. But that does not support ~you.

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