How to connect OpenShift with a private BitBucket Repository

I want to host a website on OpenShift but I want my code to synchronize automatically with a “free but private” service like Git, so I found BitBucket.

I tried to connect it by my self by pasting this key from my OpenShift app:

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    BitBucket -> Repository -> Import Repository -> Old Repository.

    But I get this error:

    Unsupported protocol. Please use ‘http://’, ‘https://’ , ‘svn://’ or

    I believe I have the same issue as this guy:

    But I don’t understand how to apply this solution. Before you ask, yes I’m new to Github, BitBucket and OpenShift etc.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to connect OpenShift with a private BitBucket Repository”

    After a lot of searching on Google I found the solution…

    I suggest to people with (almost) the same issue as I had, or who are also beginners like me with OpenShift and BitBucket to read and understand this well written tutorial by Redhat:

    After that small tutorial, I was able to connect OpenShift with BitBucket through SourceTree.

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