How to configure jenkins with bitbucket

I am trying to configure Jenkins with Bitbucket. Its almost 4 days but Jenkins not cloning with Bitbucket.

Steps I am following.

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    1. Install jenkins.
    2. Install git
    3. I have account on bitbucket. created a repository called javascript
      which have some HTML code.
      Manage Jenkins -> Configure System ->In the (Git) tab -> name:Default, Path to Git executable:/usr/bin/git. as shown in bellow image.
      enter image description here
    4. Created a new item(jobs) in Jenkins say Hello World ->Configure-> Project name:Hello World -> Description: blalala -> Source Code Management-> git-> Repository URL :
    5. Credentials: providing my Credentials.

    But I am getting this error

    Failed to connect to repository : Command "/usr/bin/git config --local credential.helper store --file=/tmp/git6945256026248158269.credentials" returned status code 129:
    stderr: error: unknown option `local'
    usage: git config [options]
    Config file location
        --global              use global config file
        --system              use system config file
        -f, --file <FILE>     use given config file
        --get                 get value: name [value-regex]
        --get-all             get all values: key [value-regex]
        --get-regexp          get values for regexp: name-regex [value-regex]
        --replace-all         replace all matching variables: name value [value_regex]
        --add                 adds a new variable: name value
        --unset               removes a variable: name [value-regex]
        --unset-all           removes all matches: name [value-regex]
        --rename-section      rename section: old-name new-name
        --remove-section      remove a section: name
        -l, --list            list all
        -e, --edit            opens an editor
        --get-color <slot>    find the color configured: [default]
        --get-colorbool <slot>
                              find the color setting: [stdout-is-tty]
        --bool                value is "true" or "false"
        --int                 value is decimal number
        --bool-or-int         value is --bool or --int
        --path                value is a path (file or directory name)
        -z, --null            terminate values with NUL byte

    Its so frustrating.tried with git hub as well. tried using ssh,and many more ways. Please Help me with this.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to configure jenkins with bitbucket”

    It looks like you’re using an older version of Git, which does not have the --local option.

    According to this question the --local option was introduced in v1.7.4 in late 2010.

    Please verify that the version of Git you’re using on the server is more recent than at least v1.7.4, then try again. You can verify that using git --version, or git help config, then check whether the help contains a reference to the --local option.

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