How to configure git-diff so that long line not wrap around?

I sometimes have long line of code in git repo (e.g. a json config file), and git diff will generate output like below.

long line

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  • On an EC2 instance, I git diff doesn’t wrap the content to the next line, generating following output (I can use left/right keys to navigate), which I personally prefer.

    short line

    Does any one know how I can config the git-diff to change from one behavior to another?

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    It’s your terminal or pager program that wraps the lines, not git diff. Try redirecting the output of git diff into a file and open it with an editor that allows to control wrapping – you will see that the lines are not actually wrapped.

    You can try this:

    git diff|cut -c -$COLUMNS

    Note however that it will disable colors and paging.

    Thank to torek’s inline response above. Based on that, I realized I can do git diff | less -S to achieve what I want. It does better than the cut -c -$COLUMNS solution because it doesn’t lose any context (I can still use left and right button to view all differences).

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