how to compile code from svn into jar file?

I found HTMLUnit is useful for me,but the files are too old.
So I use svn co htmlunit to check the code,But I don’t know how to use them.

Is there somebody can tell me how to compile them?

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    I see you have very little knowledge of Subversion.

    I could link you to lots of verbose documentation, but let’s make it quick and easy: what you downloaded is the whole repository, containing lots of redundant code, majorly the three canonical directories branches tags trunk.

    In order to obtain usable code, you either download a stable (tag) version or unstable version (trunk). Advantage of trunk over tag is that it mostly contains new features, but tags are generally stable.

    Try to get the following URL:, then you could try ant to build (I’m no Java expert, does the package have an ant script?)

    You don’t need to take the detour of building it from sources yourself. The latest version is 2.8, and it’s readily available from the Maven central repository. If you’re not using a dependency manager, just grab the jar from here:

    Check out the projects instructions on how to get and build the latest version !

    It seems it ships as a collection of submodules, each with its own build system (some of them maven, some ant).

    The latest release dates back to August 2010, doesn’t seem to be that old, but if you’re aware of improvements you need which are available only in later versions I suggest you look at their CI server, which provides already the artifacts from the latest build.

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