How to close a branch WITHOUT removing it from history in git?

I’d like to make a commit and close its branch, without removing it from history.

With mercurial I’d commit --close-branch, then update to a previous one, and go on working. With git… I’m confused.

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    There’s no exact equivalent to closing a branch in Git, because Git branches are more lightweight than in Mercurial. Their Mercurial equivalent is more bookmarks than branches.

    If I understand correctly, closing a branch in Mercurial roughly makes it disappear from the branch list, so you can achieve the same thing by archiving it. A usual practice is to tag its tip as archive, and delete it:

    git tag archive/<branchname> <branchname>
    git branch -d <branchname>
    git checkout master

    The branch will be deleted, and can be retrieved later by checking out the tag, and recreating the branch:

    git checkout archive/<branchname>
    git checkout -b new_branch_name
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