how to close a branch in git

When I know I won’t use a branch any more is it possible to close or lock it? Actually I would like to close a branch but I don’t think it is possible to close a branch with GIT. what about the delete. What happens to my history when I delete a branch?

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    Updated Answer

    As @user3159253 stated in comments of this answer :

    git garbage-collects commits which aren’t referenced, directly or indirectly, by a named reference (branch, tag, etc). That is why it is important to leave a reference to a freezed branch.

    You can tag the tip of the branch by archiving it, and then delete the branch.

    git tag archive/<branchname> <branchname>
    git branch -d <branchname>
    git checkout master

    The branch will be deleted, and can be retrieved later by checking out the tag, and recreating the branch.

    git checkout archive/<branchname>
    git checkout -b new_branch_name

    Or more simply :

    git checkout -b new_branch_name archive/<branchname>

    If you want to delete a branch completely, you can just delete it in all your repositories (typically local and remote). git will then clean it up next time it garbage collects.

    See How do I delete a Git branch both locally and remotely? for instructions.

    you can refer to git finding unmerged branches to find those branch that have been merged or not.

    If a branch has been merged into other branch, it is safe to delete it use the follwing command.

    git branch -D branch_name

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