How to clone a nonstandard svn repo to git?

I try to clone a svn repo to git, but some of the branches are in the svn root dir like follows.

I’ve tried

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  • $ git clone svn://url/svn-root -T trunk -b branches -b branch1 -b branch2


    $ git clone svn://url/svn-root -T trunk -b branches -b .

    Both are failed to clone the branch1 and branch2 correctly. Please help.

    ├── branch1
    ├── branch2
    ├── branches
    │   ├── branch3
    │   └── branch4
    └── trunk

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How to clone a nonstandard svn repo to git?”

    One interesting tool, mentioned in GitMinutes Episode 20, is SubGit, a plugin for Atalssian Stash (which isn’t free, but you can try it for free).
    You can know much more about SubGit in “GitMinutes #22: Alexander Kitaev about SubGit”.

    It is designed to managed unconventional svn repo layout.

    Dmitry Pavlenko comments:

    you should enter in the “Branches” field:

    # instead of 

    In this case branch1 will be translated to refs/heads/branch1,
    branch3 — to refs/heads/branches/branch3.

    Alternatively, if you have limited number of top-level branches, you can enumerate them explicitly:


    Two options come to mind:

    • Clean up your SVN repo first (Move branches below /branches, where they should be according to standard layout).
    • Checkout using standard layout, add remote branch refs later on.
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