How to checkout latest stable Boost (not development or bleeding edge)?

According to Boost Subversion Repository, I can checkout Boost’s bleeding edge development with svn co boost-trunk.

I’m interested in checking out the latest stable version because I need bcp (bcp is not part of the Boost downloads). I believe the latest version of Boost is Version 1.55.0, but there’s no “XXX_1_55” in trunk, tags or branches in the repository (where XXX would presumably be something, like “release”).

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  • How do I checkout the latest stable Boost?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It seems that the releases are found under tags/releases not trunk. You could do svn list to verify the release you are interested is there.

    This is described at Development and Release Practices, where it indicates the URLs for final releases are in the form, where xxx is a revision like 1_54_0.

    The checkout command would be similar to:

    $ svn co
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