how to check the source code of stashed files without pop them in git?

I have some stashed files in git, but I do not want to git stash pop it, because sometime it alert merge message, I do not want to do merge in order to see the source code in stashed files, is there a way of doing that?

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    Assuming you want the latest stashed entry,

    git show stash@{0}:pathname

    Two aspects of this syntax are explained in their respective manual pages:

    • The <rev>:<path> thing is explained in the gitrevisions(7) manual page (consider reading it in its entirety — it will teach you certain convenient things to use later on).
    • The stash@{<n>} syntax to access stash entries is explained in the git-stash(1) manual page.

    In order to get back a stashed code without remove it of the stash list you can use

    git stash apply

    to recover the last stashed code, but I believe you just want to see the diff, you can use

    git diff stash@{0}

    which is a simple command to diff the stashed code at the first position.

    Using git stash list you can take a look at which position the stashed code you want to see exists and then run git diff stash@{position} with the proper position.

    EDIT :

    As stated in the comments there is another command that could help, if you want to see the whole file in a stashed code you may create a branch with the stashed code and browse at will using the following command

    git stash branch <branchname> [<stash>]
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