how to change upstream on Github

I have 3 forks of the same project as 3 remotes in my local git.

  • Mainline – The Repo that was first created. Contains 278 commits after forking.
  • Upstream – Initial fork of Mainline. Freezed in time. [Last commit March 12, 2014]
  • DownStream – Forked from Mainline. Contains 150 commits after UpStream.

I am working on the repo Downstream. The Team maintaining Mainline refused to accept my PR. Hence I want to send a PR to Upstream and be able to send PRs to Upstream.

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  • Just cann’t seem to figure out how to do it on Github.

    NOOB on git. So please point to answer if already answered although I have gone through most similar answers; the reason why this is here is – I don’t want changes on my local git repo alone. I want it on github too.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “how to change upstream on Github”

    To send a GitHub Pull Request you can either use the GUI app or from the browser. Unfortunately there still is no way to send a Pull Request via the CLI.

    Take a look at GitHub’s Pull Request page for all of the possible ways to send a PR.

    Most importantly when sending a PR upstream make sure you pull down any upstream changes and resolve any potential conflicts first.

    git remote add upstream git://
    git pull upstream master

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