How to change home directory of Jenkins?

Simple question: How to change the jenkins home directory location? By default it points to /var/lib/jenkins whereas I want it to point to /home/jenkins. I have changed my $JENKINS_HOME to /home/jenkins but it doesn’t help me.

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    Jenkins usually runs with its own user,
    so changing the home-dir of that user should do the job.

    If not sure, simply run a test-job with a shell-command like ‘id’ or ‘whoami’ or ‘env’ to find the user that Jenkins uses.

    Also, note that a message of “Started by user anonymous” does not mean that Jenkins started as an anonymous user –
    please see this related answers by Sagar and Peter Tran:

    how to run jenkins as a different user

    For me on Jenkins 2.7.2 on RHEL 7.2 after already starting jenkins and configuring a build, I needed to:

    1) Change the jenkins user’s home directory

    sudo su -
    service jenkins stop
    vi /etc/passwd
    #  change the /var/lib/jenkins to /home/jenkins or whatever 

    2) Change the setting in the start script to also find it

    vi /etc/sysconfig/jenkins
    #   change the JENKINS_HOME to /home/jenkins or what ever

    3) Copy all the data to the new location (eg: /home/jenkins)

    cd /home
    cp -Rf /var/lib/jenkins .
    chown -R jenkins:jenkins *

    4) Start it back up

    service jenkins start

    And that seems to have done it for me.

    To change the Jenkins home directory you just need to setup the “JENKINS_HOME” environment variable to point to the new location. You can also set the JENKINS_HOME as a system property or a JNDI environment entry as explained in the documentation.

    Jenkins Documentation

    I tried setting the PATH thing but it doesn’t seem to work as it probably has to be under Jenkins user which does not have a real unix user account. I found the variable also accessible in /etc/sysconfig/jenkins which did the trick when I restarted Jenkins.

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