How to change default branch when using arc diff?

The first time I used arc diff to submit a branch, it asked me which branch to compare changes to. I entered origin/master. This compares it to all the changes that have been made to the Master branch. Now it always uses the Master to compare it to which I want to change to origin/develop.

I was wondering if there was a way to change the default branch somehow so instead of using arc diff origin/develop I can just use arc diff.

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    Not sure why this is downvoted, but there are numerous occasions where we intend to create revisions diffed against a different branch.

    When you selected origin/master, arc writes this info to a file .git/arc/default-relative-commit.

    Edit this file to contain a different relative commit branch to contain,


    Your next revisions will get created against the origin/develop branch when you issue arc diff.

    You can change it back to origin/master when you need to create revisions off master again.

    Hope this helps.

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