How to automatically do full backup of repo, wiki, issue tracker etc. in bitbucket?

I hope my computer can do full backup of a project hosted on, including all of repo, wiki, issue tracker. How to do it automatically?

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    I don’t know of a way to grab everything, automatically using nothing but bitbucket itself (there’s no “Download Backup” link). You may want to take a look at this tool though. It looks like it can at least grab the repository and wiki, but not issues–although it could be made to backup issues using the bitbucket api.

    You can see more about backing up issues here: How to backup issues list from Bitbucket?

    In short, there doesn’t appear to be a tool to help do everything that you want.

    bitbucket backup
    will backup your repos and wiki’s but its windows only and doesn’t grab issues

    seems to work quite well. Been using it for a month

    It is possible to clone both the source code repository and the wiki (without special tools). For instance:

    Cloning the repository:

    git clone [your repository uri]

    Cloning the wiki:

    git clone [your repository uri]/wiki

    Note: Cloning the repository won’t automatically clone your wiki! Also, this does not include your issues!

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