How to assign issue to myself at Github?

I am asked to assign an issue to myself, the issue is created by someone else. I found this how to guide at

I can see the issue list indeed and I have the “exclamation mark with circle, open” for the issue, but I don’t have the check box mentioned in step 4. The repository is not mine.

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    I just googled some words stating “Only admin can assign task to assignee”, is that true?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to assign issue to myself at Github?”

    To be able to assign issues to yourself or to others you have to be the owner or a collaborator of the repository. If the repository is owned by an organization you have to be part of a “Write access team”, an “Admin access team”, or the “Owners team” to assign issues.

    Your options are to either ask the owner/an admin of the repository to assign the issue to you, or to ask the owner if (s)he can add you as a collaborator. When you are a collaborator or part of one of the previously specified teams you can assign an issue in the way you described already (

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