How to add image to readme file in Stash

I am using Stash (which has Git) for my project

I am trying to add some images to my file as

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  • [picture](

    but its not working. when i view the readme, all i see is the plain text


    please help


    Note that stash might be rendering markdowns differently and thats why the conventional solutions to github markdowns might not be applicable. still if somebody know an alternate way of doing this, please let me know.


    ok, so here is part of the problem

    i had the text for the image as part of the text in an ordered list. as you might know, the lists follow an indentation pattern. when i took the text for the image out of the indentation, and added ?raw at then end of the url, the image showed up. Follow up: can i use something similar to the html img tag in order to resize my image ? also is it necessary for me to de-indent the text for referencing the image ? i still can’t escape the quotes

    Final EDIT:

    found the solution for escaping special characters

    i had to replace the special characters with their corresponding entity number as per

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    You will need to add ?raw to the end of the URL to the image, so Stash will serve up the image, instead of showing you the file image history.

    The Stash/BitBucket documentation for images provides markdown syntax to just link images “first class”. Assuming my is at the root of my project,

    ![Sequence Diagram](./doc/fields_seq_diagram.png)

    …works like a champ on a directory structure like

    tcc-rkuhar:shaggy robert.kuhar$ tree --charset=ascii
    |-- doc
    |   |-- fields_seq_diagram.png
    |   `-- fields_seq_diagram.txt
    |-- project.clj
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