How to add Git Project in android studio

I want to add the following into my android Studio project , please tell me how to do that.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How to add Git Project in android studio”

    Option 1.-Clone It First With Git Clone then Import it in Android Studio

    Option 2- Download this Repo From Here As a Zip File, Open It and Extract, Then Import in Android Studio.

    Option 3- Open Android Studio DashBoard And Click on Checkout From Version Control, And Parte your Repo Link there, It Will DOwnload And Open It ASAP.

    If you want to Use this Project as a module or library then Import It from File->New->Import Module->//…..// OR add this as your Dependencies —

    repositories {
        // ...
        maven { url "" }
    dependencies {
            compile 'com.github.dhis2:dhis2-android-sdk:8722ca9586'


    Download the zip from github page, unzip it and then go to Android Studio > File > New -> Import Project -> Select your project and import it.

    Hope it helps.

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