How to add a project to the gerrit code review tool?

How do I manually add a project to the gerrit code review tool?

I’ve seen some examples that execute a gerrit binary but my installation doesn’t appear to have one of these.

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    For older Gerrit versions, you need to use the ssh interface. Set up your public key in the web interface then run:

    ssh -p <port> <user>@<gerrit-host> gerrit --help

    This will list you the available commands. What you actually need to run to create your project is:

    ssh -p <port> <user>@<gerrit-host> gerrit create-project -n <project-name>

    In Gerrit 2.3 and newer, you may alternatively create projects from the UI, by going to Admin->Projects->Create New Project.

    From gerrit 2.3.x, if you are in Administrator, you can create the project in the web as well.

    It is visible under Admin/Projects if you have permission.

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