How to achieve 'pre-checkout' hook in Git/bitbucket?

Result of lots of searching on net is that pre-checkout hook in git is not implemented yet. The reason can be:

  • There is no practical use. I do have a case
  • It can be achieved by any other means. Please tell me how?
  • Its too difficult to implement. I don’t think this is a valid reason

Here my problem is:

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  • I have implemented the pre-commit, post-merge & post-checkout hooks for maintaining the database backup different for each branch.

    Scenario: Now when I commit the backup of database is saved in a file using pre-commit hook. And when I checkout the the branch or merge occurs the database stored in file is restored using post-merge & post-checkout hooks. Now the situation is if someone make changes in database after commit and checkout, the changes are lost, as database was not backed-up. The checkout succeeded as there is no change in file structure.

    So in this case I want a pre-checkout hook to handle the task of backing up database in above scenario.

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    I got the reason why it was not implemented. In my situation I do backup the database and store it in a file, which will fail the check-out every-time. So this will be impractical to implement this functionality.

    You could write a script that does your backup then checkout. Then create a shell alias so it runs that script instead when you type git checkout.

    Pre-checkout use case: delete un-versioned local files generated by gulp watch:css task so they are overwritten after checkout and rebuilt by gulp.

    Instead, I’m just going to write a shell script that gets the repo root and then deletes any of a list of gulp-generated files found.

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