How is a merge-base done in JGit?

I’m looking at the JGit Documentation, currently at version, and I cannot find the equivalent of git-merge-base.

I would like to determine if a branch is up-to-date, behind, ahead, or diverged, as shown in git: check if pull needed.

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    You can use RevFilter.MERGE_BASE for that:

    RevWalk walk = new RevWalk(repository);
    RevCommit mergeBase =;

    Also note that there is BranchTrackingStatus if all you are interested in is ahead/behind count of a branch compared to its remote-tracking branch.

    Here it is with JGit using BranchTrackingStatus:

    public enum TrackingStatus {
    public TrackingStatus getTrackingStatus() throws IOException, GitAPIException {
        Repository userRepo = new FileRepository(<path_to_.git_file>);
        Git git = new Git(userRepo);
        BranchTrackingStatus bts = BranchTrackingStatus.of(git.getRepository(),
        int aheadCount = bts.getAheadCount();
        int behindCount = bts.getBehindCount();
        if (aheadCount == 0 && behindCount == 0) {
            return TrackingStatus.SAME;
        } else if (aheadCount > 0 && behindCount == 0) {
            return TrackingStatus.AHEAD;
        } else if (aheadCount == 0 && behindCount > 0) {
            return TrackingStatus.BEHIND;
        } else {
            return TrackingStatus.DIVERGED;

    jgit has this:

    RevCommit org.eclipse.jgit.merge.Merger.getBaseCommit(RevCommit a, RevCommit b) throws IncorrectObjectTypeException, IOException

    take a try

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